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iPhone 6 phone case Rose Red with data cable & screen protector

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Newest PC frosted back cover Ultra Thin Shell Case for iPhone 6. 

Protect your iPhone 6 in style with this attractive PC case. 

PC skin case offers maximum protection yet access to all your features.  

This case is made from tough PC that moulds around your iPhone like a second skin with an organic additive to help repel dirt and dust from the case. 

1.Perfect fit for your iPhone 6.

2.Ultra thin design.

3.Prevent your iPhone from bumps and scratches.

4.Made from high quality durable PC material.

5.All function buttons and ports are accessible without removing the case.

6.With a smooth surface and excellent touch finish.

7.Anti-scratch and anti-scuff.


iPhone 6 Case Specifications:

1.Color: Rose Red

2.Weight: 7g

3.Material: PC 

iPhone 6 Case Packing list:

1 x iPhone 6 Case Red.


Data Cable.

3M Length weave connector to USB power & data cable for Apple iPhone 6. Charging & data hot-sync via USB port in your computer. Update music, data and other information in your iPhone at high speed, easily and simply.

Apple iPhone Cable Features: 
1.Connector to USB data & charging cable.
2.Compatible with Apple iPhone 6.
3.Charging & data hot-sync via USB port in your computer.
4.Update music, data and other information in your iPhone at high speed, easily and simply.
5.Charge your iPhone quickly and conveniently.
6.Easy to use just connect your iPhone to your computer via USB port.

Apple iPhone Cable Specifications:
7.Cable length: Approximate 3M
8.Cable colour: Red

Apple iPhone Cable Packing list:
1 x Apple iPhone Cable



High-definition Protective Film for iPhone 6. Prevents your iPhone 6 screen from scratching and other damage. 

1.Prevents screen from scratching and other damage.

2.The screen protector is sandwiched between 2 protective layers for best application results.

3.Excellent choice of screen protection for iPhone 6. 

iPhone 6 Protective Film Packing List:

1 x iPhone 6 Protective Film.